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Angela B.

Steve's coaching program is one of the best because it is not just about weight loss.  It focuses on mind and spirit too.  I love my morning routine and journaling because it helps me start my day with positivity and being grateful. 

I have lost weight and I have learned to believe in myself.  I love this community and the positivity that it motivates me to stay on track.  Steve is a great coach and a very motivational person.  I would highly recommend it.

Tamarra D. 

If you have tried other programs and failed it’s because you haven’t tried Steve’s. He has given us the secret. Working your mind along with good food and movement is the key.

This program has not only helped me lose weight and feel better overall, I now start out my day ready for anything  because of the morning routine.  He genuinely cares about helping you reach whatever goals you have for yourself. He customizes the program to your needs.  He has also cultivated an environment you can’t get elsewhere.  The support of the ladies in this group is beyond anything I could’ve imagined when I first signed up!   

Michelle M.

I have researched and attempted many nutrition programs in the past with little results.  The thing that sets Steve Burton’s M3 program apart is that he teaches us about nutrition (macros) and fitness in conjunction with a deep focus on our mindset and emotional health.  This has made the ultimate difference for me, and I believe has to do with why my previous attempts at just nutrition or fitness improvements on their own did not work for me. 

Steve is a great resource for learning macros and understanding why eating this combination of foods matters for health and weight loss.  He’s a committed coach, encouraging  us every step of the way with reminders to stop the negative self-talk and instead empowering us to use our strengths so we can achieve our goals. 

Steve has created a supportive M3 community within which we can share our successes and challenges with each other; I never feel like I’m doing this alone.  I’m making LIFELONG changes for the better and it’s not just for my body, it’s for my mind, heart, and soul.  I can’t wait to continue working with Steve and towards my goals.

Anne S.

Steve is a natural coach with awesome listening skills! He knows his stuff and is very present in the process. For me, the emphasis on all three parts of his program - Mind, Fitness, and Food/Macros- is a game changer.

My focus was mostly on mind, and I am thrilled with the results. The group coaching Zooms and chat are awesome too - all inside a very easy to use app. Sign up!!
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Paula B. 

This program has proven to be so successful in just six weeks. My overall physical and mental awareness has improved tremendously. I’m more positive, more active, more aware of what I’m actually eating and putting in my body on a daily basis.

I’m actually energized after a workout. I’m losing inches and pounds and overall decreasing in size. I understand the importance of being hydrated now. I understand the importance of hitting my macros, that in itself is a job lol. But Steve is always been there to help and encourage and to show sacrifices equal progress. Little things, small things shows great progress in this program and I am so very grateful for Steve, and for all the encouragement. 

I would highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone.  Great mindset equals great power equals great outcome.. Thank you Steve!!!

Sherill W.

I am ABSOLUTELY grateful for this program and for Steve!! This program has truly been an eye opening experience for me. Because not only have I seen physical changes in myself, I have also seen emotional and spiritual as well!

This program is completely life changing.  One thing I didn't expect  from the program though is the community of this group is amazing!!!! Everyone is so encouraging, so inspiring and so real! I am just incredibly thankful for Steve and this amazing journey of self awareness!

I can honestly say that my life has changed because of this program!!!

Ronni S.

You have been amazing. This is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am learning to be a happier better positive me. I have learned about a  morning routine and journaling. 

This has been an amazing process and I am very consistent about this and making sure I do this first thing in the morning even if I have something to do or to go somewhere. I am fine getting up earlier to do this as it absolutely jumps starts my day and starts my day in a positive manner. I so look forward to our weekly zooms as they are a very important part of this program and very important to me.

I have learned so much from Steve and the members of this group. I can’t tell you what an amazing group we have and the support we have for each other. We reach out during the day and support each other. The eight weeks has been flying by and am definitely going to continue to keep myself positive and to keep learning and continue this fantastic program. 

Steve your continued devotion and care for all of us is something very special. Thank you. 
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